In the Beginning . . . . . . . .

My Husband John and I (Vicki) started breeding dogs quite a few years ago with our loyal  family pet named Bonnie, now Bonnie wasn’t a true pedigree by breed but she certainly was a pedigree by nature,

such a lovely girl & sorely missed.

Then when our most loved Bonnie passed away she certainly left a huge whole in our hearts.

So after many years without our Bonnie and after settling on a small acre property,

we came across our first English Cocker Spaniel, when I bought Chloe to celebrate  

John’s birthday - and that’s when it started,

We thought Chloe needed a companion, so we found Emma, and so it went on until now we have quite a few Pedigree English Cockers Spaniels;

Emma, Chloe, Tilly, Minky, Isis, Kookie & Brigadeer, Blue Boy & Teddy

The Cocker is a lovely dog with fun in its blood and the forever wagging tail they are a happy dog eager to please their owner and friend.

So our little family has grown from No fur-babies to many Fur kids and we are enjoying ever moment with them.

And to my delight all our dog family get along beautifully together.

They are all treated as our family pets with  a very large yard to run in together.

They help us in the yard when weeding or hanging out the washing, washing the car is another favourite job or painting or playing ball (this is the best favourite jobs). They even come inside to watch TV with us.

We also take our dogs to work with us on a daily basis and they really enjoy the Meeting the customers, playing with any kids that come in going for walks etc. and even become upset when they think its ‘their’ turn not So N So’s to do something with us.

The Present Day . . . . . .

I have been a member of Dogs NSW since 2005 as a Breeder of Pure English Cocker Spaniels.

I am also a Certified Professional Stylist/Groomer  - Grooming dogs is a Passion for me.

My aim . . . . . . . .


Is to produce Good Quality Dogs and Puppies and to treat everyone who contacts us,

with Respect and Politeness.

And in so doing I would hope I am an approachable breeder for anyone who has questions to ask about Cocker Spaniels or Dogs in general, can do so, without feeling any kind of pressure from me, regardless of whether they are a buyer or not, I am happy to answer their questions, Or just have a chat about dogs in general.

Yesterday I was a dog. Today I’m a dog. Tomorrow I’ll probably still be a dog. Sigh!  There’s so little hope for advancement!” ~Snoopy


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